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“Venture into Storm Center - 2024 WikiEXPO Tokyo Special Summit” Successfully Concluded!

WikiEXPO 2024-06-24 14:35

Today (June 22nd), the high-profile “Venture into Storm Center- 2024 WikiEXPO Tokyo Special Summit” came to a successful conclusion in Nihonbashi, the heart of Tokyo, Japan. The summit, organized by WikiGlobal, received strong support from numerous partners, including 株式会社AIR, StoneX証券株式会社, 外国為替, ゴールドハンター投資アカデミー, and other renowned companies and institutions, which contributed their efforts to the industry’s development. In the meantime, the event was reported by over 500 media outlets. It is worth mentioning that WikiFX, a brand of WikiGlobal, elevated the authority and innovation of the summit to a higher level with its powerful data resources and leading financial technology capabilities.

As a special station of the 2024 WikiEXPO, the Tokyo summit attracted significant attention with its unique charm and cutting-edge topics. It gathered local experts and industry elites from Japan, sparking another highlight of WikiEXPO this year, following the Hong Kong summit. During the summit, participants engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as “Forex Market Forecast for the Second Half of 2024”, “The Path to Successful Forex Trading”, and “EA”, exploring new directions for industry development. The event invited experienced experts and professionals from Japan to share their insights and expertise, and they contributed their wisdom and efforts to the success of the event.

Unraveling the Secrets of the Forex Market Through Interpreting Investment Strategies

The 2024 WikiEXPO Tokyo Special Summit provided captivating on-site Q&A sessions, with experts answering fascinating questions from investors worldwide.

When asked about the potential changes in the value of the Japanese yen when the US economy experiences a slowdown, 本間正樹 outlined four aspects. Firstly, the narrowing interest rate differential suggests a high possibility of both countries reducing interest rates and maintaining exchange rates. Secondly, actual trade demands, economic recession in the US, and fluctuations in commodity prices may affect the purchasing power of the yen. Thirdly, speculative forces may return, leading speculators to sell the US dollar and buy the yen to drive its appreciation. Lastly, securities investment trends indicate that despite the focus of new NISA investments being mainly in Europe and the US, investors may seek new investment directions due to the potential impact of the US economic slowdown on the stock market, making the yen a potential beneficiary. The conclusion is that the yen is expected to be appreciated.

Regarding how the yen exchange rate affects Japan’s global market competitiveness, FXで馬believes that a depreciation of the yen means a more advantageous domestic production in Japan. 江守哲also reckons that a depreciation of the yen can enhance the price competitiveness of Japanese products, increase exports, especially in industries such as automobiles and electronics, and expand market share in overseas markets. It will also strengthen the international competitiveness of Japanese financial institutions, but the necessity of foreign exchange risk management should be emphasized.

During the three panel discussions, the viewpoints of the guests complemented each other, which brought the summit to its peak.

柾木利彦(マーフィー)shared that in the unpredictable forex market, it is best not to try to find bullish or bearish signals. It is sufficient to be aware of the scheduled release time of important economic indicators and events. The market is dynamic, operating based on the dynamic relationship between buyers and sellers as well as supply and demand.

黒田雄士 shared his experience in forex trading, stating that people tend to overcomplicate their money management strategies. In terms of money management, he only sets a rule of “allowing a daily loss of around 3% of the account capital” and consciously adjusts the trading volume based on a normal stop-loss range. No need to overthink it, decide how much loss is acceptable in a day and stick to it completely. This is also a rule.

Regarding “EA”, 林貴晴 suggested that based on extensive data verification, it is advisable not to stop EA during the release of indicators. Unless you are an expert in fundamental analysis, it is recommended to trust the settings optimized by EA developers and keep EA running during the indicator release.

Special Networking Session: Building an Efficient Business Networking Platform

What’s even more valuable is that WikiEXPO values the personal value of each participant. After the summit, a special networking session was set up to provide an efficient business networking platform, allowing participants to have face-to-face interactions with industry-leading experts. These experts with their wealth of experience and unique insights sincerely shared their trading experiences and strategies and answered queries and challenges encountered by investors during their trading process. At the conference venue, participants exchanged business cards, expanded their professional networks, and established strong connections with like-minded peers. Furthermore, deeper exchanges will bring endless business opportunities and possibilities for collaboration to the attendees.

This summit not only provided a platform for communication and learning for participants but also became a grand event showcasing the charm of the forex industry and promoting the development of the forex market. In recent years, the Japanese yen has maintained a continuous decline against the US dollar, particularly volatile this year. Investors lack the bullish momentum for the yen against the US dollar, and this trend has increased the risk of yen forex investments, causing concerns among some investors. The topic of the yen against the US dollar has attracted widespread global attention, sweeping across the globe like a storm. Under the theme of “Venture into the Storm Center”, the summit provided an opportunity for global users to directly engage in discussions on yen exchange rate-related topics with local Japanese experts through social media and on-site interactions. Participants expressed their willingness to face challenges, explore the unknown, and effectively manage risks, collectively driving the industry to new heights.

WikiEXPO is a globally acclaimed financial industry exchange event, as well as an excellent platform for gathering industry intelligence and sharing cutting-edge information. The success of the Tokyo Special Summit brought a splendid industry feast to the participants. Looking to the future, WikiEXPO will continue to uphold our vision of creating a global, trustworthy, and high-quality offline exhibition brand in the financial industry and of building more high-quality platforms for global industry elites to exchange ideas. We believe that WikiEXPO will continue to lead industry development and achieve even greater accomplishments!

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